“I love working with Julia and look forward to our monthly coaching sessions. She is helping me build my private therapy practice and is also providing support for managing my eco-grief and anxiety. Julia has this quiet, encouraging presence that makes me want to tell her things. She is an active listener who listens deeply and helps me hear myself better. She helps me see where I am confused or stuck, and what the next steps forward are. I feel she is 100% interested in me and my work, and fully committed to helping me reach my goals. I cannot recommend Julia highly enough. She is clearly a bright and caring woman who puts her clients first and helps bring light to dark places.” – MR

participants in my workshops say:

  • “very enjoyable and felt very relaxed”
  • “Julia making myself feel equal to her – I enjoyed the style and delivery.”
  • “Julia’s hospitality – it was comfortable and welcoming.”
  • “interesting topic with good ideas and discussion”
  • “inspiring”

my colleagues say:

  • “professional in every sense of the word with integrity and a caring nature”
  • “committed to quality and high standards and to her own development”
  • “brought a keen intelligence to her work”
  • “I have always been delighted with her supportiveness.”
  • “Julia is sensitive and warm and interested in people. She is self-confident [and] a natural active listener.”