an invitation to imagine

All of sudden it’s that time of year again: Unpsychology Magazine’s call for submissions! Our upcoming issue – to be published in spring/summer of 2023 – will explore the theme Imaginings. Here’s a little taste from the submissions guidelines: Issue 9 will deal with what Donna Haraway calls, “SF: science fiction, speculative fabulation, string figures, … More an invitation to imagine

on soul

I think the question we have to ask ourselves is: “Do you believe you have a soul?” John Cusack I nearly wept when I read this question, posed as it was in the middle of a discussion about the impending US election – the most soulless circus in town. I can barely read the headlines, … More on soul

music and joy

“Singing brings joy to people. You just need to look at people’s faces when they sing.”  Maryam Ghaffari, founder of Got Soul choir It’s becoming more and more difficult these days to look at the world around me with joy. As the problems mount, and the news drips out its steady beat of grim stories … More music and joy

traveling beyond on the bipolar express

In Tristimania Jay Griffiths tells the story of her struggle with a year-long episode of mental disturbance caused by bipolar disorder. Struggle indeed: the entire narrative bristles with her tension, bitten-down fingernails of reason digging down to keep a thin grip on sanity. She writes beautifully, skillfully, documenting every subtle aspect of her plight with … More traveling beyond on the bipolar express

environ-mental health

Today marks the launch of Unpsychology Magazine Issue 4: the Climate Minds Anthology. When Unpsychology founder Steve Thorp invited me to co-edit this issue, I was delighted with the opportunity to get involved in a project with so much heart and soul behind it. It touched me especially to help address the elephant in the … More environ-mental health

climate minds

I grew up in a midwestern American suburb, with neat rows of houses each on their own patch of tidy lawn. It was still a fairly young housing development, perhaps twenty years old. The trees of the neighbourhood were beyond the sapling stage but not yet grown to their full height or strength. Ornamental bushes … More climate minds