on silence and otherwise

photo by LoriAnn Norcross

I’ve done some work with rocks and what I’ve learned is that their primary consciousness is of silence. It’s much easier to feel that with a boulder. You might try this, go find some boulders, the bigger the better, and feel them blasting silence. When you tune into it it’s really powerful… A pebble is just a grain of silence, but once you’ve become attuned to it through boulders and bedrock you might also become attuned to it even for little tiny pieces of silence.

Charles Eisenstein, Metaphysics and Mystery

I too am a little tiny piece of silence – or at least I have been, over the past nearly-a-year on this blog. All my attention and energy has been directed at moving from a home of 16 years, into a new home – so flat hunting and bidding and mortgaging and packing and moving and unpacking and settling in and learning new routines and habits and systems. Between that and fulltime work and other side projects, I have been too utterly depleted to write.

But here I am again, back in the land of Blog, following that period of silence. The last time I was here I was sharing thoughts of music and joy, as Unpsychology Magazine had put out a call for submissions for its issue 5, Earthsongs. Since then, Earthsongs has been published: a lovely collection of essays and poetry and artwork and even a spectaculor playlist of music, all of which can be downloaded for free from here.

And once again I am here to introduce a new call for submissions, this time for issue 6. Our theme for issue 6 is other-than-human. We invite submissions of writing and art that explore this theme in whatever way speaks to you (like the silence of rocks, for instance?) You can read the guidelines for submission here and the deadline is 16 December 2019.

For some context, and a history of Unpychology Magazine, see Steve’s wonderful piece celebrating its journey over the years, from its birthplace in the margins of the Dark Mountain Project, to its latest explorations.

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